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"Nevertheless, she persisted." (not my employer's twitter, got it?)

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But can you empathize? There’s a difference btwn sympathy & empathy - there are cases where I have a lot of empathy & no sympathy.

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Huh. Bc I do understand, emotionally, the deep revulsion to hurting anything baby. I also get the deep… https://t.co/le7wEV2E6K

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If “don’t understand” is really “don’t agree” ok. When intelligent, insightful men truly don’t understan… https://t.co/fvWdShLrea

@Brin Schuler Brin Schuler @BrinEileen

I get that. I’m not trying to convince you of anything btw. I’m basically asking do you understand why… https://t.co/tKRGR4Hf71

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Unfortunately paywalled. Reading responses to it, it sounds like he addresses “women’s advanc… https://t.co/I6q9bAYwCi

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Absolutely honest Q: what are you doing to try to understand? Because I do get people’s horror of aborti… https://t.co/XWkli0BadO

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Twitter is suggesting I follow Kanye, Erdogan, and Justin Bieber. Drunk? I'd say Twitter is on PCP.

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In a study of 136 firms starting from their IPOs, 5 years later, the survivors—by a wide margin—were the firms that… https://t.co/FNoU9BFEXY

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Now that I've scared you all with the relevance of Seuss' WW2 cartoons against Hitler, see the 50s film "A Face in… https://t.co/bOq5z1RLuO

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Yeah. We don’t like when you cover for his lying. Imagine that. [Cue NY Times snark and institutional holier than t… https://t.co/uCzlIsthoc

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This is one of a long string of tweets complaining that it's the IMMIGRANTS' fault that we're brutalizing their chi… https://t.co/LNKHkVadlg

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Again & again, reporters from @nytimes are the biggest proponents of the claim that the media informed voters very… https://t.co/NFlv6FPgIf

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Privacy policy update: "Privacy" is a concept manufactured by theorists to entrench the fictive atomized human pers… https://t.co/NRvhm7Y6X4

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Obsessing over her emails but shrugging when his phone isn’t encrypted Lying about her imaginary child sex ring bu… https://t.co/W7UJLtUWrJ

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All terrorists are Muslims, say Trumpkins who forget the OKC bombing, Sandy Hook, the Charleston Nine, and the Ku Klux Klan.