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"Nevertheless, she persisted." (not my employer's twitter, got it?)

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How we walked into our grandparents houses in our new Eid clothes when we were kids. #Eid_Mubarak https://t.co/ui1re8Ritf

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In the time I have known him, John Brennan has never been afraid to speak up and give it to you straight. Revoking… https://t.co/XrDnOpld0F

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Re: assessing damages, just a reminder it cost UNC $390,000 to provide security around Silent Sam last year:… https://t.co/RoZygzZUEB

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I AM STRONGLY "ANTI" https://t.co/mJKDjoU8d5

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How is it that Catholics avoid getting painted whole cloth as pedophiles, but Muslims get painted whole cloth as te… https://t.co/n2uFPoAO6z

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Rude as hell is the kindest way to describe that kind of tagging. Copy the screenshot & tag the Lots-Of-… https://t.co/J4DhPXDRhL

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what many people define as "objectivity" is really just "perspective of a college-educated centrist straight white… https://t.co/FDRBwZbHrq

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You can be DAMN SURE I’m on this list. I stand with the Constitution,& John Brennen. I stand against using security… https://t.co/aAQJaIbjLC

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women make up half the population, a significant portion of home purchases, and yet issues like childcare, equal pa… https://t.co/FuKbk13pmS

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women and minorities have repeatedly said "this is news, it affects us and our communities" but newsrooms did not l… https://t.co/qWUelcZ1UP

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#NightPrayer Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the silent hours of this night, so that we who are… https://t.co/Opy9n0bMOl

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I act like a millionaire and I have to tell you, so far the results have not been good. https://t.co/YLA1UIrK7a

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And also the press is NOT the enemy of the people https://t.co/AjK1UmiBVo

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Wait wait, I know this one! No. https://t.co/iMsxNOX996